Market-HUB Ukraine

Our exclusive solution - Market-HUB Ukraine - consists of the following phases:
1. Market Overview: Market intelligence 2. Market Strategy Consulting 3. Investment Management: Investment Control 4. Business Transfer: Organizational integration services and coaching

  • 1. Market Intelligence Information Channel

    Our exclusive information channels will provide you with regular updates on all developments directly and indirectly related to your specific business interests and investments in Ukraine. We analyze the competitive environment, legislative and regulatory changes, regulatory factors and other important aspects necessary for the success of your business, product, opportunities for business optimization and growth, as well as risk factors that should never be overlooked.

    We provide information through channels that are convenient for you, including newsletters and informational reports that are available upon request. We also provide advice to support you in making the best use of the data you receive.

    If you are interested in opportunities to build a business in Ukraine and promoting investments, our information and expert advice channel can become your reliable ally and channel of information that will keep you informed, ensuring you have the same intelligence that you would receive if you yourself were in the market. Trust us to minimize risks, optimize strategies and successfully develop in the Ukrainian market.

    This service has key advantages over conventional market analysis, primarily that a long-term view of the market, you do not just get a snapshot into the market, but a complete overview of the dynamics and individual factors that affect this market so you can adapt accordingly.

  • 2. Market Strategy Consulting

    If you need specific help in developing a strategy for projects with focus on investment, market penetration, cost efficiency and outsourcing, suppliers or technologies, we are ready to offer you expert support. Our strategy consulting is focused on real marketcapacity for your product and developing plans for expansion of your business. To do this, we  analyse, develop and revise business models, concepts and activities to achieve your profit and development goals.

    Our approach is based on close co-operation with your company's key stakeholders. We help avoid disagreements between executives over differening strategic options and act as an independent party in decision-making and opinion-building.

    We bring rational analysis combined with intuition and a wealth of experience to build your company’s  future. Our team has specialised knowledge and expertise, allowing us to rationally analyse the external environment and intuitively embrace change.

    Contact us today via our contact form. Let's work together to create long-term strategies for your business in Ukraine.

  • 3. Investment Management: Investment Control

    We will help you effectively manage your investments and increase your ROI in Ukraine.

    Our investment controlling will ensure maximum ROI (return on investment) using 2-level planning and cost control. We cooperate with local partners, guaranteeing the safety of investments and ensuring the efficient implementization and systematization of your project. 

    The difference in our concept is that we conduct:

    • investment control and in parallel
    • monitoring of the market environment 

    We offer direct involvement in project planning and control, as well as advice when critical situations arise, based on continual analysis of the market environment. Our methods help you make informed decisions, minimize risk and maximize investment performance.

    If your company seeks to capitalize on opportunities to build a business in Ukraine and promote investments from Europe and America, our investment controlling will be your reliable partner in achieving your goals. Your business will be successful, when the KPIs of your investment project and the market environment evolve in tandem. 

  • 4. Business Transfer: organizational integration services and coaching

    If you want to access the Ukrainian market, we are ready to offer you complete organizational integration and coaching services to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Our services include:

    1. Organizational integration: We help you adapt your business to local conditions, creating optimal structures and processes so that your business can operate successfully in Ukraine. We know how to overcome cultural differences and implement international management standards.
    2. Coaching and team support: We provide coaching for your team, ensuring adaptation and the use of best practices. We also continually advise you at every stage of the transition, making your success our priority.

    If your company is interested in developing business in Ukraine and promoting investments from Europe and America, our organizational integration and coaching services will help you maximize this potential.


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