Know today what's coming tomorrow

Know today what's coming tomorrow. We will examine the entire market, test sales platforms and understand potential trading partners to give your business the intelligence it needs to thrive! We believe it is better to grow from knowledge of the market, than without.

  • Analysis of the Company's Market Activities

    We offer many services for analysing the target markets, its trading platforms, its potential partners for your business, and possible competitors. Entering new markets presents many great opportunities for a business, but it also brings many complex challenges and barriers; overcoming these barriers is an important step for your business! Our team of marketers and consultants will offer you bespoke solutions to these steps- providing their expertise to help you help your business reach new heights! 

    To begin our co-operation, we need to know as much about you and your business as possible, so that we produce the best possible results. Our manager will be there for you throughout this process and will help to clarify all of the details with you.

  • The Services We Offer

    • Linguistic and Cultural Barriers: All of our specialists are fluent German and Ukrainian speakers and understand the particularities and mentality of the German and Ukrainian markets. They lend their expertise to take over all communication, avoiding miscommunication and misunderstanding of the small details of intercultural communication.
    • Infrastructure Analysis: We conduct a detailed study of the infrastructure necessary for your business, ensuring smooth operation when entering new markets.
    • Stakeholder Debriefing: We will help you understand what, and who, awaits you in your new market, from consumers and clients to partners and competitors, so that you can focus on meeting the needs of your customers and expanding your business.
    • Market specific Analysis: We research, summarise, and deliver an overview of the market you are entering, so that you can develop your strategy and construct a more accurate vision of your business’ goals.
    • Managing Technical Hurdles: Dealing with minute technical details can be time consuming, and laborious. So, we take over these details, from dealing with customs procedures, weights, measures, facts and figures, your operations will be simplified and smooth so you can focus on your business.

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