Two-level controlling

Maximum efficiency and accounting for controllable risks are achieved through technical and intercultural expertise in projects, supplemented by market environment analysis for successful market integration.

  • 2-levels project efficiency control

    1. Investor level. We pursue your goals through orderly investment appraisals, value-in-use analyses, scenario analyses. Our strengths, such as intercultural skills in combination with project management and environment monitoring, are geared towards forward-looking and cost-efficient project management.
    2. Operational level. For project management at place, variance analyses, key performance indicator analyses are carried out. These services - under the responsibility of our local contractual partners - significantly increase the security of the use of funds and enable systematization and efficiency in the course of the project. In quantitative terms, costs and income are evaluated in the form of a single target figure (e.g. profitability) when determining the financial benefits of investment projects.
  • Market environment analysis

    It is understandable that investments are being held back, as there are currently many uncertainties in Ukraine due to Russia's current belligerent actions. Ukraine has been granted the status of an EU candidate country and this represents the right to access EU financial aid on the one hand and a commitment on the part of the Ukrainian government to implement a series of economic and political reforms on the other. In summary, major changes are imminent at an economic, legal and socio-political level, which will shape market developments in Ukraine. The economic situation is developing correspondingly dynamically. It offers new opportunities and harbors risks. This is why balanced and regular analyses are required for investment and business decisions.

    Our analyses cover all relevant external factors such as economic, regulatory, customer-specific and other factors that influence competitors, suppliers and investors and, above all, the sales market and the associated success. We want you to benefit from these market changes and be confident in our business, which will enable you to manage your investments with confidence!

  • Our 5 advantages:

    1. Exclusivity and reliability: Specific market information, tailored to your goals and business and products or projects, provides exclusive market insights and offers a clear competitive advantage.
    2. Recognition of undesirable developments: In ongoing projects, this saves costs and reduces financial risks because they can be managed promptly.
    3. Continuity: We keep you up to date with regular update reports and proactive on-site research.
    4. 2 - Step-by-step planning and cost controlling: Through the local partner and us, the security of the use of funds increases significantly and enables systematization and efficiency in the course of the project.
    5. Intercultural skills and direct communication: Including the native language, provide more insight into details and increase the trust of the business partner.

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