Product Promotion & Advertising

There’s no impression like a first impression! Introduce yourself to the target market, and get your first key for success. Visualising and connecting the products, even those still in development, open the doors to your potential partners and customers.

  • The dilemma in product development

    Even after this has been successfully developed, it is not certain that a new product will move into the growth phase, even after reaching the break-even point. Many unknowns remain and must be considered that can be positively impacted if you make the right moves. Throughout the product development phase, product development costs are generated two to four years in advance, usually without any guarantee of successful marketing. This is because product configuration and product preferences on the part of customers can change quickly and unpredictably. Thus, a product can be developed "past the market.” The results would be primarily financial, including a loss of your time and reputation. So how can you avoid this scenario?

    It is particularly important to conduct market monitoring with regard to potential partners and customers so that you know as much as possible about sales and application opportunities.

    We are interested in partnering. We can analyze your product's know-how and requirements, visualize them in our technology pool and look for further advantageous partnerships and markets.

  • We undertake the following actions, which we offer in our services:

    • Product advertising. This takes place before a product is launched during its development phase - when the first prototypes are available. We include your product in our project pool, where it is made ready for presentation to potential customers. Its know-how is visualized and conceptualized.
    • Diversification. We conduct an intensive search for alternative markets, opportunities of cooperation or sales partners, with the exception of those already envisaged in the project scope. A product can be distributed through various digital channels amid close coordination with customers. The relevant responses are then collected and communicated in the form of feedback.
    • Product Value-Up. Product feedback can be used to determine what adjustments are still required. Creating and designing a finished product is an important step that we work through carefully before scaling your business. We regularly track any changes in our customer needs and preferences to help you keep your product or service "on point."

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