Strategy & Market Consulting

Whether for strategic projects with a focus on investments, market penetration, partnerships or for operational issues to ensure smooth business operations - this is where the details come to light. Find all about the market specifics.

  • Roadmap for the Target Market

    With KI Business Engineering, you can transform your barriers into opportunities. Our solutions are tailor made to ensure that you quickly cross hurdles and to bring you success in new markets.

    To do this, we identify all of the possible ways to enter a new market, and then develop a roadmap for you to build your business in Germany. Together, we will draw up an actionable plan with all the relevant information, contacts both existing and new, to enlarge your business. 

    Don’t miss out on the chance to grow your business and reach new heights. Contact us today, and we will begin creating your personalised strategy for expansion.



  • Outsourcing of technical personnel

    Until a permanent team is formed, there may be a shortage of personnel in one place or another. Specialist skills are required for the installation and integration of IT and various technical systems, for example. They should be available promptly. To make this possible, we work together with local partners to ensure that we can provide our customers with the personnel necessary in the development stage.


    • Flexibility. This makes it possible to react appropriately to capacity bottlenecks so that the work flow remains in sync and working at full capacity.  
    • Risk shifting is the biggest advantage. This is because the installation and commissioning following the delivery of technical equipment to the country would involve the need for technically trained specialist personnel. This is often associated with corresponding liability on the part of the employer or with additional risks and restrictions. For this reason, a temporary transfer of specialist personnel via local placement would be particularly sensible at this stage, to mitigate risks and work with trustworthy contractors.
    • Speed. The processes can be significantly accelerated thanks to the expertise of specialised service providers.
  • Supplier management

    • Supplier screening. Suppliers and supply chains can either become your strategic competitive edge or become opaque and inefficient. The important thing is to minimise the associated risks of delivery quantity, quality and time bottlenecks with the supplier. Particular attention should be paid to forward-looking and critical screening. How to find the right suppliers and how to maintain a productive working relationship with them. We regard your preferences foryour supplier partners as an important assignment that we carry out with utmost care.
    • Competition among suppliers. We invest our time and expertise in creating competition among suppliers. This allows us to optimally manage delivery conditions, price and quality. We support suppliers in all these aspects, act with foresight and thus rely on transparent and predictable supply management.

    To ensure a smooth and transparent flow of information, all processes are accompanied by integrated communication from our side.

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