Business Development in DACH Market

If sales are declining, it's time to adapt your business strategy, time to find new directions and expand existing opportunities. Business development is all about identifying and seizing these opportunities.

  • Why Do We Need Business Development? Why Is It Important to Change What Works?

    "The biggest opponent of innovation is a stable core business." Kodak's history is a case in point. Why? Because our world is constantly changing due to digitalisation and globalisation, and modern businesses are under pressure to review and expand their areas of activity. Therefore, business development is not a choice, it is a necessity. Business development is a continuous process, not a random moment.

    What is the difference between sales development and business development? 

    While sales focuses on the core business in the here and now, business development is aimed at identifying new business areas and potential target audiences to increase and secure future sales.

    We would like to introduce you to our unique business development services in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The form of business development we offer is product-oriented business development, which entails the development and innovation of a product. We identify product characteristics that can be used to create new market niches, to gain additional market shares or to maintain existing positions.

  • Focus on Product Innovation

    At KI Business Engineering, we can help you enter new markets and maximise your potential with our unique experience and tailored approach to client projects:

    • One-stop project management: If your business faces diverse tasks, you do not need to contact several companies and juggle different contracts and tasks. We have specialists who will do all the work for you, while maintaining constant communication with you and your foreign partners.
    • Deep understanding of the product, the DACH market and local partners: To be successful in foreign markets, companies often need to adapt their products and services, as well as their processes and structures, to local conditions. Standard solutions often do not consider the new local conditions. Our agency is an expert in product preference, business modelling and planning, as well as setting up effective distribution and communication channels.
  • Our Key Services to Help You Grow

    1. Product Excellence. Foreign markets have different rules and needs. We initially place special emphasis on the correct construction of product properties, qualities and functions with a focus on user needs. Based on the business plan we have developed and agreed with you, we will immediately implement the concepts entailed in developing a new product or product portfolio. We manage the development of a product from the design and property side, looking at it through the eyes of the customer and optimising its value. It is important to work out the right product branding to create a clear image in the consumer's mind.
    2. Business Modelling, Planning & Executing - a new concept and its implementation. Based on the modelling of your business, we will construct modern and optimised business development concepts aimed at entering the new market and expanding existing portfolios. It also helps to build new distribution networks, services, sales channels and garnering customer feedback.  All this forms the basis of a specific business development plan - a roadmap. Business planning should consider everything necessary to achieve the goal, calculate the necessary investments, risks and profitability of doing business in the global market.
    3. Establishing distribution and communication channels. Distribution networks at the stage of their development, even with a small number of buyers and intermediaries, also require analysis. In order to identify and expand the distribution network in the shortest possible time, and thereby facilitate the promotion of goods to new markets, it is necessary to actively search for partners and customers using direct marketing methods, at trade fairs or through professional connections.

    Our experience has shown us that building distribution channels is a two-way street: goods through the distribution channels in one direction, and customer feedback on the product and service in the other. Feedback is always important when developing new models and product groups with improved characteristics in the future.

    We focus our efforts on analysing, building and optimising this contact list as we develop our global sales and service channels.


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