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  • Why Is It Important?

    The heart of any business is a product or service. The disappointing truth is that 70% of products on the market never reach their target market. This is especially true when it comes to the markets of Western Europe, and in particular Germany or the DACH region, which are characterised by a high level of competition and technology. It's quite simple: to grow successfully in the market, you need to understand what problem your product can solve.

    Why do you need to change your brand for a foreign market?

    Changing your brand for a foreign market is not only an opportunity to adapt your product to local conditions, but also a way to become more competitive, increase awareness and improve the perception of your company among foreign customers.

    Change your brand to successfully enter a foreign market with KI Business Engineering. Contact us today and we will help you take the first steps towards new opportunities.

  • How Do I Find Out About Customer Problems And Market Prospects?

    Our solution is to test just that market, with methods including the following:

    • B2C- we analyse consumption simultaneously with the sale of your products on online trading and E-commerce platforms.
    • B2B- we analyse the market when establishing contacts, we then exchange information on sales terms and product requirements with these businesses.

    The results of this process speak for themselves, we receive reliable information about your product, directly from the source. Sales processes, and the myriad of factors that affect their performance, will be directly at your fingertips.

  • It's Just 5 Steps:

    1. Brand Identification – We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing brand, ascertaining which aspects of the brand fit the foreign markets, and which could be adapted for better impact.
    2. Understanding the foreign audience. Foreign markets often differ in cultural, linguistic, and psychographic characteristics. We will conduct a point-by-point analysis of your new target audience and help you identify their needs and expectations.
    3. Brand adaptation. Using this information about your market as a base, we will propose precise changes to the brand, including brand mission, essence, positioning, logo, colours slogans and other brand elements, ensuring that every element of your branding is suitable for your target market.
    4. Communication and marketing. We will develop a communication and marketing strategy that accounts for the particularities of your local market, language barriers and cultural aspects to maximise product penetration in the new market.
    5. Study the results. We continually monitor and evaluate the course of your sales, ensuring that each brand change work and have been well adapted to the foreign market.

    We will help at every stage of this process, preparing your brand to reach your new audience and achieve greater success in the market. Don’t miss this chance to develop your product and attract new customers.

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