Market Entry

For any business to succeed, a vital key is to be where its customers are.

  • B2C E-Commerce distribution

    Are you planning to expand your business into Germany or Ukraine but don't know where to start? In this challenging and competitive market, it is important to have a reliable partner who will guide you to success, ensure that your products are sold in the most optimal markets and communicate directly and fluently with the local customers.

    Ki Business Engineering is your comprehensive guide to the vast world of German or Ukrainian business, and we are ready to provide our services:

    • Spot research of the market and competitors: We will research the market and make sure you make informed decisions.
    • Undertaking sales activities: We test the market and expand your operations accordingly. During this process, we also collect product and customer information to target the right activities for growth.
    • Strategic planning: We will develop a clear step-by-step plan to help you stand out in the market,
    • Consultation and translation: We will provide explanations, reports, and advice on local trade rules and regulations so that you have a clear understanding of how you can operate in your new market.
    • Localisation: We will make sure your product is ready for purchase by the people who matter most; your customers.
  • B2B Marketing

    We receive and analyse data and information directly from the market and make a determination of how well your business could succeed in your target market. Expanding into the German market can open exciting new opportunities and attract more customers, all with the support of our professional team.

    Ways of business development that we recommend:

    • Direct Marketing
    • Attendance at Trade Fairs 

    Through cooperation with us, we will make you’re your product is a German success story! Business development is not a one off-endeavour, it requires ongoing work and dedication- therefore, we are always exploring new avenues for your business and potential target groups, securing future sales and growth.

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to carve out your niche in this large and promising market. Contact us today to discuss your individual strategy and get started on your success in Germany with KI Business Engineering.

  • Direct Marketing

    Directly interacting with your target audience, establishing meaningful personal connections and developing long term relationships with customers and partners is our basic blueprint for your business in Germany.

    We pay careful attention to interaction-oriented direct marketing. In this case, the representative and the client are in direct dialogue with each other, which leads to a direct flow of information. Some examples of techniques we use are telephone meetings, personal conversation and questionnaires.

    We research the many forms of direct marketing, and thereafter we select the most appropriate methods for your business. The aim of this is to fully integrate your company into Germany’s business networks and build trust between you and them.

    Advantages of our direct marketing approach:

    • We provide reliable information: It is not possible to get specific requests from potential clients or customers solely through market research or publicly available information. Only direct contact opens up this possibility.
    • Increased trust and understanding are necessary conditions for successful B2B sales. Even a not saturated market is not impossible to enter because sales volumes are rather determined by favourable supplier side terms.
    • Investment in the future. Specific contacts, co-operation terms that are built through direct marketing are stored in your archive, a resource that will be indispensable as your business grows.

    We will become the link, the bridge that ensures effective communication between foreign buyers and your business.

  • Attendance at Trade Fairs

    Active and direct participation in DACH region trade fairs provides excellent opportunities to establish new businesses and contacts, and to make a name for your company within the market you’re trying to reach! Drawing on our experience, we will select the most promising trade fairs, and open that space for you to get your business noticed. It is important to maximise the effectiveness of your presence: our professional representatives speak German, know your business advantages and the selling points of your product, and proactively engage with potential customers to expand your business network. This can be done together with you or on your behalf. In our experience, stands that attract attention and maximise the exposure of your product are effective. You can also ensure visibility for your product with an island platform with a professional representative.

    What are the advantages of working with us at exhibitions?

    A company can always represent itself at an exhibition when it has a sufficiently large budget and staff pool. These resources usually exist, but they need to be properly utilised.

    We will help you with this:

    • We have knowledge of the German business mindset, which we will marshal to quickly build trust between your company and your partners.
    • We always strive to optimise costs. The total costs of exhibiting at a trade fair are always significant. By collaborating with KI Business Engineering, you will increase the efficiency of these costs by actively integrating German and DACH-region companies into your business network. This way, you can efficiently expand your network of contacts.
    • Based on our partnership, your managers will have the opportunity to present a report with the best achievements to executives, founders and investors at the exhibition.

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